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Working outside the City have recently written about working in recruitment outside of the big cities – and the impact it can have on you and your life balance.

Proudly featuring our amazing offices in Knutsford and the opportunities available for a career in fantastic surroundings. Just driving down the leafy roads towards the office, breathing in the fresh crisp air, the hustle and bustle of a city centre are soon forgotten.

Don’t limit your career goals based on location alone, doing so only limits yourself – Success isn’t defined by a City job.

If you can recruit, you can do so from anywhere, be successful from a location and environment that feels like home, that brings you happiness.

Create your own success in the place you call home. Come and join our team.

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Advance Engineering
We’re attending Advanced Engineering 2017

Our sister company, Cygnet Texkimp is exhibiting on stand K144 at the NEC show on 1st and 2nd November and we’ll be there with them.

Advanced Engineering is the UK’s largest annual gathering of engineering professionals and connects the supply chain of the industry with R&D, design, test, production and procurement from OEMs and top tier industry players.

The show provides a great opportunity to see some of the world’s leading engineering projects under one roof and network with peers and exhibitors.

Nathan Abbass, Head of EngineeringOur Head of Engineering, Nathan Abbass, will there to talk to engineering businesses about how we can help with their people related challenges. We’re connected with some of the most skilled and talented engineering professionals in the UK and have been helping engineering business in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia recruit the best talent to their business since 2010.

If you would like to talk to us at the show come and see us on stand K144. If you’re exhibiting we would be more than happy to come to your stand for a chat – just get in touch to arrange a convenient time.

Entry is completely FREE with prior registration – just visit Register for Advanced Engineering.

To arrange a meeting with Nathan get in touch on 07713 697191 or

perpetual team walk
PEP vs Snowdon – We did it!

On Friday 15th September

PEP took on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon for Macmillan Cancer Support. After much anticipation and preparation (and having spent a small fortune collectively in Sports Direct the day before – the phase ‘all the gear and no idea’ springs to mind), we set out from the office on Friday morning, reaching the base of the highest mountain in Wales early afternoon, ready to start our ascent. The weather forecast was sketchy to say the least, as was the clothing some of the team had decided to wear.

If you’ve tackled Snowdon before you’ll know that it starts with a killer climb up a tarmac road to the start of the Llanberis path. We had been given a strict itinerary that dictated we should meet at 12.15pm in the railway car park. Due to the fact that several members of the team didn’t seem to be able to follow their sat navs, and therefore arrived late, we set off at a fierce pace, which proved too much for a few members of the team who retreated swiftly back down to the pub.

The ascent to the summit at 1085m above sea level was long and tough and the giddy mood of the morning was quickly replaced by determination, pained expressions and lots of cursing Stu, our organiser, for coming up with the idea to climb Snowdon and ever thinking it would be fun.








As we climbed higher into the cloud, rain started to fall and the temperature dropped and it was at this point Elle realised she had lost her coat somewhere on the path. Ben took pity on her and gallantly offered his jacket to save her from hypothermia. This was only one of the many heroic acts of the day. Burned in my memory forever is the image of Gareth tenderly massaging Garry’s crampy legs on the final stretch to enable him to push on to the summit. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

After 2 hours and 30 minutes of relentless climbing, one lost jacket and a serious case of cramp, we finally reached the summit. At the top we were reunited with the deserters who had taken the train. The cloud was so thick, we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us so we took shelter in the café, rested our jelly legs and steeled ourselves for the long descent. All except our two Directors Garry and Gav who abandoned their team in favour of a seat on the train! What’s the saying about a captain going down with his ship?

The walk back down was long but infinitely easier than the climb and our spirits were high. The well-deserved pint waiting for us at the pub was a huge incentive and undoubtedly quickened our pace.

In our weekly ritual, we voted on our Hero and Donkey of the week. Vanessa was unanimously named Hero of the Week for the most determined/stubborn climb. We were not short on nominations for the Donkey award; Steve for not bringing a coat, Phil for throwing in the towel and being the first to retreat after a quarter of a mile and Jay for driving past the meeting point 7 times before joining the group. But the award had to go to Elle, not only for losing her coat mid-climb, but also for asking ‘Is Snowdon in Wales?’ Yep – that clinched it, sorry Elle.

The accommodation for the night was amazing. Only 15 minutes’ drive from the foot of Snowdon, the lodges were beautiful and set in 60 acres of peaceful wood and farmland – check it out here. However, we descended like a bunch of excitable school kids so the peace was quickly shattered. On the menu for dinner was spag bol and curry thanks to our Directors Garry and Gavin, which went down brilliantly and was just what we needed to refuel for the night ahead. I won’t go into too much detail of the evening’s events, but highlights were the hula hoop masterclass from Sarah and Lindsay, the girls victory in the quiz, Stu and Charlene’s not so graceful fall into the table football and our tuneful (ahem) rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, caught on camera by Rach. There is definitely something wrong with the sound recording on her phone because it sounded so much better than the video leads you to believe.

We smashed our target and raised £615 for Macmillan Cancer Support – thank you to those of you who donated to this fantastic cause. If you would still like to support us it’s not too late! Visit our JustGiving page

perpetual snowdon flag
PEP vs Snowdon

On Friday 15th September,

the team at PERPETUAL are going to climb Mount Snowdon to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Mount Snowdon

As the highest mountain in Wales and England, Snowdon stands at 1085m and overlooks the village of Llanberis. Upon reaching the summit we’ll be rewarded with amazing views of Snowdonia, Anglesey, Pembrokeshire and Ireland (weather permitting!).

To reward ourselves for the effort and help soothe our aches and pains, we’ll head to the pub for a few beers afterwards.

So, if anyone can offer any sound advice to a bunch of rookies on how we should prepare ourselves it would be gratefully accepted! And if you feel like supporting our cause you can donate here Just Giving – PEP vs Snowdon fundraising page.  You can find more information on the wonderful charity Macmillan Macmillan Cancer Support.

Watch this space for an update on how we get on…

join Perpetual partnerships
Your Recruitment Career Starts Here!

Your Recruitment Career Starts Here!

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or new to the industry contact us now to find out what it is which separates Perpetual from the competition. Part of the Queens Award winning Cygnet Group of engineering companies, our mission is to be the number one recruiter of choice based on achievement and celebrating success. So what does this mean to work here:

  • Outstanding career opportunities – advancement into account management, business development or account management roles.
  • Unrivalled training – to unlock true potential.
  • A competitive working environment – from what you can bill to table tennis.
  • Diversity of role – from client meetings to networking events.
  • Fantastic rewards and bonuses – including holidays and days at the races.
  • Exposure to rapidly growing industries – in engineering, manufacturing, energy and the built environment.
  • Flexible working – including flexi-days and home-working opportunities.
  • Uncapped earnings – from a commission scheme which pays up to 50% of billings.

If this has your attention and interest then we want to hear from you – submit your details below or call us on 01606 818154 for more information.


recruiter awards 2017
2017 Recruiter Awards shortlist!

We received some exciting news

Recently that we have been shortlisted for 2 categories in the 2017 Recruiter Awards. The categories we have been shortlisted for are best construction and engineering recruitment agency and best client service. This in itself is a significant achievement given how competitive the awards and specific categories are and it is testimony to the great work of our entire team.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of customer service in all our dealings and this represents a good marker for the levels we have achieved. Our customer charter is underpinned with 5 key principles including quality and expertise, transparency and integrity, partnership, efficiency and genuine consultation. We believe that everyone we bring into the business buys into this as our culture and is part of what sets us apart from the competition.

To see the full shortlist please click here Now we have been shortlisted the next objective has to be to win. Watch this space….

Steve Higham
LTD but not limited

Over the past 12 months

Perpetual Partnerships have seen a huge growth in personnel and are now heading in new and exciting directions.  A fundamental area of this growth is apparent in our Manufacturing and Engineering contracts division; which is now being headed by Steve Higham who joined our team in November.

Steve has a wealth of experience in contract as well as all the major areas of recruitment and has shown increased ability to offer and deliver the desired 360’ approach.  With a total of 5 years of experience within the industry, Steve has developed an extremely hard working and dedicated approach to all tasks. He knows how the contract industry works and is confident in his ability to find the perfect engineer to fill the post quickly. As organisation, quick thinking and networking skills are key in this sector, Steve fits the bill and has already become an important cog in the Perpetual Machine.

What does this mean for Perpetual? Perpetual will now become a key player in the all areas of recruitment. We are already a renowned permanent workforce provider, and we will now strive to become leaders in supplying contractor resource.

So, what does this mean for our clients? You can find everything you need under one roof. A dedicated team working for you and managed by people who know you. A quick completion of any job with quality people is our number one aim and to offer a dedicated after care solution for all contract workers.

We are all looking forward to our further developments and wish Steve a happy and productive future as one of the Perpetual Partnerships family.

If you are a client with contractor needs or a contractor looking for your next role, please contact Steve Higham on 01606 535061 or


retaining people
Retaining Top Industry Talent

On 19th October

Perpetual Partnerships welcomed 30 HR and leadership professionals from the Engineering, Manufacturing and Built Environment sector to our parent engineering company, Cygnet Group in Northwich. The subject is on very close to the heart of a growing number of businesses both large and small, retaining top industry talent. In partnership with the Leadership Team the mornings content was delivered by Garry Rogerson, MD and Ben Appleton, Head of Senior Appointments and designed to be an interactive seminar with plenty of opportunity to share ideas and experiences.


During the beginning of my recruitment career without doubt  the most satisfaction I felt in recruitment was in finding the ideal candidate for a “tough to fill” role. The sound of the candidates excitement for the “job of their dreams”, the client, relieved and impressed by your level of service. As time went by, however there would be the occasional phone call from the candidate 3-6 months later asking for help as the role was “no longer for them”. Naturally this puts a strain on all party relationships. When I became more experienced I began to realise that it was far more satisfying when the phone didn’t ring and the candidate forged a long-term career and the phone call was one of a client asking for help to recruit. It was then I realised retention was far more important to my client. It begged the question, how much does poor retention cost a business? How much does it cost the industry? Why do candidates leave? Why do they stay? How does a business keep its top talent in competitive market conditions?

The Cost of poor retention

From research by a variety of sources it costs UK industry £4.13 billion which is indeed an incredible amount. What does it cost a business? When a candidate leaves and needs replacing it costs on average £28,614 which is all the more staggering given this is a base figure! It is not just inclusive of the recruitment costs, the time spent interviewing (this costs on average £5.5K), it also includes the loss in productivity that hits a business hard. Consider it takes 28 weeks for a new recruit to get up to speed. So why does a business lose its best people?

Why do people leave?

Often people get hung up on the hard facts such as distance to work, salary, bonus. In the main people don’t leave for money believe it or not. After breaking into groups during the seminar most came to the conclusions that in the words of Dale Carnegie, people leave people. Meaning they leave because they are not stimulated, don’t have support etc. They are mainly behavioural and career related challenges. All the things that should be provided by good leadership.

What are the things you can do to prevent people leaving?

Day one is so important! We examined the importance of the opening impression the business has on new employees and the first few weeks are vital. Specifically, we looked at the significance a good induction has on creating the right impression when a person starts in a new business. The feeling of belonging is crucial in any new employee/employer relationship and a good induction is the start of ensuring this process is effective. Most of us agreed in the different groups that the importance of understanding the business goals and vision as well as culture and values is imperative in achieving individual buy-in. At Cygnet for example, great importance is placed on sharing the family company values that the whole business is based on. Something as simple as the Group CEO meeting every single new employee to set out his own beliefs, values and vision for the business has such a powerful impact and is critical in retaining our top talent. Following this, there is also great importance placed on training plans and succession planning so people know how they will develop their skills and achieve their potential in a business.

Perpetuals role in helping our clients retain top talent

We are increasingly being asked to help with ideas on how we can assist companies with retaining talent. Having seen new employees leave businesses based on simple things such as not having a desk on day one or not having access to their manager in the first weeks, we can focus our attention on the ‘low hanging fruit’ in the first instance. We have been asked by a number of businesses to help broker the initial relationship by providing feedback from candidates on how they are doing in those crucial time periods of one and three months. These ‘harmonisation’ reports have been key in developing both company inductions and also identifying and eradicating the repeat issues which affect employee happiness when they join the business. In summary, the seminar confirmed our feelings and findings from our research, that leaders are hugely concerned about keeping hold of their top talent but were not aware of the true cost if they get it wrong. We believe this will become increasingly as important as attracting talent in the first place and we believe developing the tools, processes and consultancy advice we offer has to be time and resources well spent. Certainly for the businesses we represent, focus on the areas I have discussed in this article to ensure new employees are retained will equally be time and resources well spent.

Garry Rogerson Recruitment
Perpetual Partnerships launches pioneering recruitment apprenticeship

Cheshire technical recruiter

Perpetual Partnerships has an apprenticeship programme designed to help young people build careers in the recruitment industry.

The scheme will be delivered as a joint venture with apprenticeship training provider Total People and will offer hands-on experience, mentoring and theoretical training.

The first apprentice to join the programmes is 18 year old Molly Riley from Northwich.

Garry Rogerson, managing director of Perpetual, which specialises in the engineering, manufacturing, architecture and surveying industries, said “This is a momentous leap for our industry, which has never before had an official apprenticeship scheme with recognised standards.

We want to make recruitment career of choice for talented young people by offering them a professional qualification and clear and credible career path.”

Perpetual weekend
Outbound Weekend Team Building

At the beginning of October

we took a trip up to Gisburn in Lancashire for a team building weekend away. We stayed in Dalehouse camping barn that was set in the heart of the country side with nothing but rolling hillsides for a view…which meant no TV, no phone or Wi-Fi signal, but luckily there were plug sockets for the 3 guys (not naming any names) that took hairdryers!

Gisburn 1We arrived in glorious sunshine so we put our hiking boots on and went for a nice long walk around the forest and nearby reservoir. We ended the evening enjoying a culinary challenge of producing a starter and main course with just £2 per person to spend. Despite the kitchen looking a tad worse for wear afterwards the result was a lot of very tasty food!

On the Saturday we went to a local activity centre where we split into two teams to battle it out on the field so to speak! Activities just to name a few consisted of warming up with team plank races and number sequencing, building a campsite to a specification then to the more mentally challenging tyre tower of Hanoi and an archery session which was great fun. Then we progressed on to the more physically demanding crate stack, Jacobs ladder and leap of faith which definitely wasn’t for the faint hearted! They were a long way up but with the morale support from everyone else below, no matter which team people were in, it gave me personally the encouragement and push I needed to get to the top of the Jacobs ladder and take the plunge off the extremely small and wobbly platform on the leap of faith.

In the evening we enjoyed a well-deserved meal out at a local pub which were luckily showing the England vs Australia rugby match. Despite the final score we had a great evening and got a rather unexpected lively ‘disco bus taxi’ back to the barn that definitely awoke anyone who was feeling sleepy!

It was a fantastic weekend and it really highlighted the importance of working together, communication, shared understanding…and ear plugs, they were definitely needed to drown out a certain someone’s unmelodic snoring (not mentioning any names)!





manchester made
Recruitment Challenges highlighted at Made in Manchester event: The view of a Recruiter

The recruitment industry

has over 500,000 consultants working for around 7000 different recruitment organisations across the UK. We attended the Insider’s Made in Manchester Breakfast to develop a ‘under the radar’ understanding of Northwest businesses, with a particular focus to those businesses that fell within manufacturing and engineering sectors.

With so many recruitment companies in the UK it was interesting to hear Leanne Holmes, Director of Operations at CPI (Crane Payment Innovations) announce that recruitment was the biggest issue CPI faced due to location. David Brimelow, owner of Duo UK who was also present at the event voiced a similar view, which talked more around the difficulty in finding individuals with the right aptitude and talent needed to enter a rapidly growing organization. Brimelow also commented “There simply aren’t enough young people who will consider careers in engineering and manufacturing”.

From the recruiter side of the fence it was fascinating to hear business leaders talk about their recruitment issues and problems in a public environment however nothing was said about what they had done to counter these concerns. Listening to both Holmes and Brimelow present their different interpretations on recruitment in the North-West was thought-provoking and I felt from my ‘young person in the recruitment game’ perspective, I had observed things myself which if improved, could make a difference in the future.

I would firstly like to address the problems that David Brimelow identified. Growing up through primary school, high school, college and then university, I never really had any fixed idea on what I wanted to do with my career. Of course, numerous educational facilities can provide career advice but until I became a recruiter and started trawling though CV’s I had no clue of what positions were available in the manufacturing and engineering market. There are certain jobs I have come across, particularly in engineering which if I had known about in my younger, schooling years I could have perhaps chosen to pursue.  I think that many young people think of manufacturing as boxing something up at the end of the line, or welding something together in a dirty and physically demanding environment.

I personally believe that for a positive North-West engineering and manufacturing future it is important to give young people exposure to these environments and positions. By opening up these vast industries, young people could use this to determine where in engineering and manufacturing they would be best placed.

Medicine, Law, Business to name a few are not for everyone and I feel that the stereotypes drawn towards these industries takes the limelight of manufacturing and engineering which can be a progressive and lucrative industry to be a part of.

Secondly I would like to tackle Leanne Holmes’s statement. Location can be a huge factor when recruiting for our clients. The company could be fantastic and so could the salary however if the area does not hold a strong pool of candidates it can provide businesses a huge problem when looking to expand or strengthen their work forces technically. This issue provides countless opportunities for recruiters to prove themselves and stand out more than the other 7000 agencies available and can also remove large proportions of a businesses budget which could have otherwise been invested in site development, staff training, bonuses and culture improvements.  Ultimately this scenario is great for a recruiter and not so great for a business.

I operate in the executive search and selection market and have been chosen to head up this division. Perpetual Partnerships are owned by engineering and manufacturing group of businesses called The Cygnet Group. This has enabled me to understand recruitment from 2 angles: The Recruiter side, and the engineering/manufacturing business side. I speak to many clients and candidates on a day to day basis and one thing has become clear. Yes role and money are all important factors when it comes to choosing a position and a company to work for however the most important thing that overrules all of these factors is the culture of the business and what a business does for its people.

Most recently I have been recruiting a senior and technically niche position in an extremely difficult part of the UK. So far this company had done little to advertise its culture and show to people why it is a great place to work. I advised current employee testimonials go on their website, amongst other various effective culture information which enables an external candidate to get a real feel for the business ahead of interview. After significant amounts of time has passed prior to me working this position, the candidate was found, offered and accepted and to this day, business culture was the dominant reason for the employment move.

I recently asked a certain client of mine to speak at an event we are looking to host which will be discussing driving this culture implementation and change.-  My clients response was this: “ My (probably incorrect) view is if it doesn’t come from you, you shouldn’t do it at all- you’ll just end up like someone else’s business”.

I personally believe that if a business invested more budget into culture and it’s people, in the long-term it will pay dividends.  Recruitment organizations will always be necessary and through synergy, both engineering/ manufacturing businesses and recruitment organisations are both likely to be more successful. The reason I work for Perpetual is the culture of the business. I use this with all clients to then understand every aspect of their business and site before even attempting to work any of their positions.


here to support
Going the extra mile

Recruiters think clients don’t care.

Clients think that recruiters are only in it for the money. Not exactly the basis for a trusting relationship. The truth is, in the majority, we all want the same thing – a mutual win-win result. A partnership that rewards both parties.  Rob Bemment

The image of recruitment is long spoken about and is a continual challenge for professionals in the sector. We work in the engineering space where resources are scarce and hence the competition from ‘CV sending agencies’ has never been more of a threat to ‘traditional’ consultancies like ours.

We believe that charging a fee for simply introducing a candidate just won’t create those long lasting relationships clients crave and the exclusivity quality recruiters need. You have to go the extra mile – creating added value for clients and ultimately building trust which then generates repeat business.

Start by offering ‘pro-bono’ services which will enable clients to trust your knowledge when it comes to recruit. Salary surveys and competitor analysis are relatively simple to put together and will go down well with your clients. Experienced recruiters get involved early in a client’s growth plan allowing them to plan effectively the talent they require.

Initially clients can be sceptical – the only way to be build that trust and ultimately the long term win is by going the extra mile – taking a risk that will pay off.

The recruitment industry is a fast evolving and competitive industry. Like our clients in the engineering sector we must adapt a continuous improvement mentality to ensure we keep one step ahead of the agencies that rely on firing CV’s in a ‘pot luck’ approach.

It’s easy to have some success and think you are the best – maybe you were – but if you stay still for 12 months the chances are you are falling behind.

Written by Rob Bemment

perpetual cars
Perpetual Partnerships Corporate Event 2015 – Pageant of Power, Cholmondeley Castle
Described as ‘the UK’s most dynamic motorsport event’ the Pageant of Power at Cholmondeley Castle was an obvious choice to host a number of our self-described ‘petrol-head’ clients and it certainly lived up to expectations.

Set in the stunning surrounds of the castle grounds adjacent to Deer Park Mere the hospitality tent was perfectly placed by the start line with easy access to view both the water and road activities. The entertainment included drag, rally, F1, super and classic car racing as well as world class trial and side-car motorcycles on the road. The water boasted wake boarding, jet-ski displays and rib rides. These provided great viewing as well as listening (apart from the electric versions) and truly represented the Pageant’s slogan of ‘celebrating power in all its forms’.

A variety of different clients joined us across the different business sectors of surveying, manufacturing, engineering and oil and gas. They took full part in soaking up the hospitality and entertainment available. They also enjoyed some of the wider stalls and experiences including electric motorbikes, model car racing and Landrover experience although none dared to take on the heights of a helicopter ride! As well as our guests Rob and John tried out their skills on two wheels with the electric bikes although it was a true case of tortoise versus the hare with no happy ending for the tortoise! We also enjoyed outstanding refreshments, especially the customary Pimm’s and afternoon tea. Above all whilst the hospitality was excellent, the company was even better and represented the perfect ‘thank you’ to all our recruitment partners. We look forward to doing it again soon.

Supercars F1

Electric Bikes Trail Bike

subsea exbo
Subsea Expo

Aberdeen, 13-15th February 2015

Perpetual visited this year’s Subsea Expo, which was a record-breaking event with almost 9,000 recorded visits by 6,500 registered delegates over the three days.

Perpetual took the time out to visit existing clients while looking round at some of the fantastic stands and technical equipment that was on display.

Some very honest discussions took place over the three days that we think reflect how committed the subsea sector is to tackling the challenges facing the North Sea oil and gas industry. Even in a downturn market, recruiting the right people has never been so critical.

It was good to see such an interest from major subsea engineering companies in building strong relationships with Perpetual, as their recruitment partner.

The Subsea Expo also gives us a platform to access the people we want to be talking to, and we look forward to returning in February next year.

Photo taken from:


IET dinner
IET Dinner

On Friday 6th February, I was invited to the Institution of Engineering and Technology annual dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool. It was described as ‘the premier networking event in the engineering and technology calendar, attended by 1000 engineers and industry leaders from over 67 of the most prominent international companies and organisations’. This diversity of industries was displayed on our table which included senior people from pharmaceutical, energy, automation, clothing, medical and composites sectors. As an outsider in a variety of early engineering conversations and introductions it struck me that the outlook for Northwest and UK engineering is as strong as ever. Key subject matters surrounded capital investment, the need for space and a subject close to my heart, recruitment. It seemed that most businesses were forging ahead with plans to invest and bring in top quality people which is a great sign for the upcoming years. Clearly these were not the only conversation topics as good food and drink was also on the menu!

The lead speaker was Juergen Maier, Chief Executive of Siemens whose speech was based around the Northwest being a historic heartland for engineering excellence which reminded me of Cygnets mission statement. He asked everyone to envisage a time of a century ago when it would be likely that everyone would be in a similar place, wearing similar (black tie) attire discussing pioneering engineering concepts and products. His passion and optimism for the future of UK engineering was clear and similarly to Perpetual’s philosophy he believed more strength would be created through partnerships and collaborations between companies with similar values and vision. It was a real pleasure to meet a great group of people with the same passion for the UK engineering future as we have at Cygnet and this could not have been phrased better than Neil Armstrong’s quote from a 2000 conference where he said ‘science is about what is; engineering is about what CAN BE’. After this night I truly believe UK engineering is alive and well!

The IET Annual Dinner event at Liverpool Hilton Hotel.

queens award
Queens Award Cygnet Group
We are delighted to announce that our parent company, the Cygnet Group is one of winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2014.

Matthew Kimpton-Smith commented “It’s a tremendous achievement to receive such a high level of recognition for the hard work we have done globally”.
“From senior managers to shop floor workers and our installation teams who represent us throughout the world, this award recognises the efforts of every member of our team.”

Cygnet Group has won the Queen’s Award for International Trade for our outstanding overseas sales growth over the last three years, during which we have seen overseas earnings growth of 255% and the number of employees almost double to 97.

We have been recognised for our clear export strategy which makes up 85% of our total turnover. In the last three years we have opened new offices in China and the USA, as well as entering a number of other new markets – Africa, Scandinavia and Northern Canada.

as good as your people
The ‘Real’ Challenge of Recruiting Recruiters

As we continue on our high growth strategy following the Goldman Sachs and Growth Accelerator programmes the realisation that we are only as good as our people could not be more apparent. We have been successful in developing individuals without any recruitment experience into the future managers and key business providers of the future. In the early days we were challenged with the dilemma of recruiting experienced recruiters versus developing our own talent and the obvious time that this can take to achieve.

Whilst we continue to seek talent with experience in similar recruitment fields the most apparent beliefs we hold are that the raw courage, resilience and ability to think on your feet are the greatest assets of all. We will continue to search for these qualities in everyone we recruit because they will be key in achieving our commitment in providing the very best quality service to both candidates and clients. Whether you are experienced in recruitment or not, these abilities remain absolute necessities to us as a business so if they are part of your DNA then please enquire about possibilities within our business.

finding people
Paying for Candidate Quality

This month’s REC report

hits home with the struggles facing the UK recruitment market as permanent and temporary staff availability tumbles as the demand rises sharply. This is despite a 17 year high in average starting salaries. A recent KPMG report highlights a ‘vacancy vacuum’ as demand for staff outstrips supply by a considerable margin. Engineering topped both the temporary and permanent staff demand tables, both showing increases in June of nearly 50% compared to the previous month and also over double the same figures tabled last year. Despite this permanent staff vacancy placements have now increased for 21 months in a row and temporary placements for 14 months whilst the availability of staff in both permanent and contract staffing contracted to levels not seen since 1997.

This increase in staff demand and falling of labour levels is forcing employers to attempt to bridge the gap through offering salaries at a 17 year high. The belief that by offering higher salaries alone will result in the labour market voting with their feet is still to be proven as there may be the belief that the levels of salary growth are unsustainable and are still remaining loyal to the businesses which have seen them through tougher times. These labour shortages are specifically highlighted in our very own engineering market as top level technical skills are at a premium and businesses look to offer quality products over cheaper alternatives. Paying a premium for quality will continue in our market but businesses will continue to need to think outside the box to attract and retain the very best individuals through a combination of benefits and career paths which will stand out in the crowd. We will continue to keep our eyes focused on a market which continues to challenge all its combatants.

We have a unique and intricate understanding of the technical recruitment market. We are focused on quality of service rather than on sales and KPI’s.


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