Cygnet group offices

On the 16th November Perpetual

hosted the Leadership Team at Cygnet, our parent group site in Northwich. The Leadership Team is an Alumni club made of business leaders from numerous sectors across the Northwest and has been successfully run by Jerry Hopkins for over 10 years. Over the last 12 months numerous venues have hosted the regular gathering including the likes of Kimberley Clarke and Sci-tech Daresbury so it was with great anticipation that we could showcase the engineering expertise within Cygnet and specifically within SECC, our oil and gas division and Texkimp, our composite machine manufacturer. We welcomed over 40 business leaders to the site in Northwich where we had three speakers (including myself) on leadership and what it means to us, followed by a full site tour of the facility with talks on the various products Cygnet manufacture.

The other two speakers were Rob Parton, MD of Aqueduct Marina and Chris Musson, the CEO of Liverpool Science Park. We each gave an overview of our businesses also talked about our individual challenges and experiences of leading the businesses we represent. What was really evident is that despite the vast differences in the three businesses some of the leadership areas were surprisingly similar. To give a better backdrop to this it is worth explaining what the businesses do in more detail. Aqueduct Marina is a 147 berth narrowboat park and caravan park based in Church Minshull in Cheshire and was originally a farm business focused on milk production whilst Liverpool Science Park is based in the heart of Liverpool and attracts some of the most exciting leading edge tech companies in the world. So you can see they couldn’t be further apart in terms of physical spaces, markets and customer base. Add a technical recruitment business into the mix and you really get the sense of three contrasting businesses.

The similarities that I discussed earlier were stark in the sense of making the most of your talent and recognising that it can come from the most unexpected places at times. All three businesses have been built through attracting and retaining great people but most importantly unlocking the potential within. For Rob it was the realisation that ideas come from all parts of the business which has helped develop a variety of income sources and Chris talked about his own personal journey through various industries which gave him the opportunity to tap into an array of different people. My take is quite simple, our job as leaders is to create the right environment for people to flourish and achieve their potential. The best possible example was the setting for our meeting, the Cygnet Group itself. It gave me great pleasure to showcase what can be done through recruiting and engaging great people. For me, no matter what the business function or market any business is attempting to succeed in, it is its people which will define the depths of success which can be achieved.

We have a unique and intricate understanding of the technical recruitment market. We are focused on quality of service rather than on sales and KPI’s.


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